Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

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    Sponsor Prize Categories

  • Raytheon Cyber Challenge

    Our cyber challenge takes on IoT devices this year! We are looking for 4 teams of 4 members to take on our challenge. Our first event will be the pre-qualifying round starting right after the HackAZ presentation. The first 4 teams to complete our pre-qualifier will get student stations, and can start working on unlocking gift cards and prizes! Each student station will be equipped with a treasure chest, protected by a smart lock. Teams will unlock them and claim the prizes inside. There will be a smart doorbell on the system that can be compromised allowing the team to gain access to a Wi-Fi network. Hack a Raspberry Pi and compromise its camera or crack a wireless router. Tackle these challenges and win BB8 robots, amazon gift cards, microcontrollers, protable solar batteries and cool swag.

    Not on a team? No problem! We will have a cyber scavenger hunt, and a special treasure chest set aside for any HackAZ participant to attempt to win prizes!


    Meet and greet, challenge explanation and team meet up.

    Pre-qualifier, the first teams to complete the qualifier get a station and can start working on unlocking prizes. After the first 4 teams are selected we will start puzzle challenges for swag


    The cyber challenge keeps going through the rest of the day. More puzzle challenges and swag along with a cyber scavenger hunt


    Each team will demonstrate their cyber accomplishments and be judged for the top prizes. Teams will also showcase their hard work to HackAZ and enter the main challenge to compete for extra prizes!

  • Microsoft - Best Fluent App

    To qualify, your project must:

    1. Demonstrate use of the Fluent design system, using prescribed layout, style, and control patterns

    2. Demonstrate inclusive design using Fluent's usability standards

    3. Demonstrate an innovative use of inputs and/or devices (i.e. mouse, touch, speech, etc.)

    The prize will be a VR headset for each member of the winning team (max 4 members)

  • Microsoft - Social Impact

    To qualify, your project must:

    1. Demonstrate measurable and positive social impact

    2. Be a clear reflection of targeted community priorities

    3. Demonstrate an innovative use of technology in achieving social impact

    The prize will be a VR headset for each member of the winning team (max 4 members)

  • Jacobs

    Jacobs will be awarding their prize to the best use of a GPS enabled microprocessor

  • GoDaddy

    GoDaddy will grant their prize to a web app with good social impact

  • State Farm

    Looking for the best use of VR to help others. State Farm will be looking at the clarity of the problem you are solving, the originality of your idea, and the quality of the prototype you create

    The prize will be an Acer VR Headset

  • Sunquest

    Awarded to the project that has the biggest impact in the Healthcare IT industry

    First place: $1500

    Second place: $500

  • Amazon - Best Innovation in Alexa Skills

    Granted to the project that best innovates to solve a real-world problem with Alexa

    The prize will be an Amazon Echo Spot for each team member

  • Amazon - Best Innovation in a chat bot with Lex

    Awarded to a team that innovates to solve a real-world problem with Lex

    The prize will be an Amazon Echo Spot for each team member

  • Amazon - Best Use of Data Intelligence

    Awarded to a team that solves a real-world problem using computed intelligence around data

    The prize will be an Amazon Fire HD 8 for each team member

  • Amazon - Best Humanitarian

    Granted to a team that solves a real-world humanitarian issue. Think how you can make the world a better place

    The prize will be an Amazon Echo for each team member

  • Northwestern Mutual - Local Community Engagement

    Projects for this prize will be judged in three areas:

    1. Innovation (50 pts) - Is the hack an innovative solution that will help new residents connect to their community? Consider this new community an up and coming tech destination

    2. Product (50 pts) - Is the app complete? Is it user friendly?

    3. Technology (10 pts) - Usage of modern technologies such as chatbots or IoT integrations will earn extra points

    The prize is a Mophie Powerstation Mini 3000mAh External Battery

  • Paradox

    Improve the world of recruiting and/or jobseeking through the power A.I.

    The prize is $5,000 for the winning team

  • Google - Best Use of Google Cloud Platform

    The prize is a Google Home Mini and Google Cardboard to each member of the winning team (max 4 members)

  • MLH - Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

    Any project that uses the Dragonboard 410c can qualify for this prize

    The prize will be a Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c power source

  • MLH - Best Use of AWS

    To qualify, you must use one or more of any of the AWS services in your hack

    The prize is $250 in AWS credit

  • MLH - Best Domain Name from

    The prize is a Raspberry Pi and PiHut Essential Kit

  • HackAZ Prize Categories

  • Popular Vote

    Awarded to the team that wins the popular vote. Voting will be on Sunday during the Expo.

  • Beginner Hack

    To qualify, this must be at least half of your teams first Hackathon and the first time they "Hacked" a project together.

  • Novelty

    The project that demonstrates more creativity than practicality

  • Idea Hack

    Any team that submits to this category will be eligible to apply into the InnovateUA Accelerator and turn their hack into a startup!

  • Sustainability

    Awarded to a project that promotes environmental science, combats depleting natural resources, or supports ecological balance

  • Health

    The project that best impacts healthy living, biometrics, healthcare, or medicine

  • Social Impact

    A not for profit project that benefits the community as a whole or supports disenfranchised people.

  • Data Science and Visualization

    The project that best uses real data, from any source, to solve a problem of data mapping or data interaction.

  • Open Source Contribution

    To qualify, the team must contribute to an open source project or create a project that you will open source for others.

  • Video Game

    Awarded to the best video game.

  • VR/AR/MR

    Awarded to the project that best implements a form of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality.

  • Machine Learning

    Project that best uses data to improve the performance of the application.

  • Hardware / Robotics

    Project that best integrates a microprocessor such as a raspberry pi or arduino, or makes a significant consumer hardware modification

Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Miri Rodriguez

Miri Rodriguez is a Storyteller for Microsoft Corporation. She is a creative journalist developing content across key technology trends, designing activities and materials for IT. Her award-winning career includes 15+ years in Marketing, Operations and Customer Experience.Her philanthropic work includes volunteering as business consultant and student coach at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, board of directors membership at Trade+Impact social enterprise organization and personal brand coaching for professionals of all ages and backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am still confused, what are we hacking?

    "Hacking" doesn't mean malicious cyber crime, it refers to inventors, builders and creators building projects quickly and iteratively.

  • What if I am a beginner or have never been to a hackathon?

    Take a look at the article that was written specifically for you by a Hack Arizona organizer: 10 Questions About #HackArizona

  • What if I don't have a team or an idea?

    It is more common than you would think to attend a hackathon without a solid idea or team. Many people still find great success. The hacker community is friendly and enthusiastic and you should have no problem finding a team to hack with.

  • What can I build?

    Anything you want: web apps, iOS apps, a website, cloud software, robotics, even a voice-controlled catapult. Be inventive. This is your weekend.

  • Who can attend?

    Any undergraduate or graduate student (meaning enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program) who is also over the age of 18.

  • How much does it cost?

    Absolutely nothing. We provide free meals over the weekend and company sponsors will be handing out swag and prizes.

  • What should I bring?

    Besides the obvious laptop or desktop, a sleeping bag, toothbrush and other basic amenities are things to consider.

  • Does Hack Arizona offer travel reimbursement?

    Despite our best efforts, we are unable to provide travel reimbursement to out-of-state hackers at this time. Rest-assured you will be taken care of when you arrive with a weekend of free meals, tons of swag, prizes and a comfortable environment for you and your peers.

  • How big can teams be?

    No more than 4. It becomes difficult to manage and execute a project with a team larger than that. We highly recommend building a team of at least 3.

  • Where on campus is it?

    The event takes place in the University of Arizona Science and Engineering Library.

  • What are the rules?

    Pretty simple. Come build cool stuff and don't be a jerk. More info here (Code of Conduct).



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