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Spy apps for Android

Spying is wrong, we know. But there are times when it is necessary. And spying doesn’t always mean violating people’s privacy. Sometimes spying is useful to keep an eye on your children and keep them safe from the dangers of the world, or to make sure that your company’s employees are using their cell phones properly during the workday.

Even the task of spying can be used for good causes, such as gathering evidence of a crime.

Now, if you’re here, it’s because you want to spy on someone’s cell phone, which is very easy to do if you physically pick it up when they’re not looking. But we all know that in most cases this is not possible, as people are very protective of their phones. Therefore, the most viable option is to use spy apps that allow you to access the information on the phone remotely. Do these types of apps exist? Yes, and here are the 3 best ones for Android.

Note that this type of application is usually paid, but they offer a free trial period, so you can see what they are capable of. So we invite you to try them out.

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A brief review of Android tracking apps

uMobix review
  • Access Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, TikTok
  • Monitor GPS-location, text messages, phone calls
  • Easy and quick installation

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MSPY review
  • WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps.
  • Calls, SMS, GPS tracking, and 25 more features.
  • Compatible with all Android-based devices starting with OS 4+.

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XNSPY review
  • Location tracking with notifications
  • Exclusive Android remote device management
  • Take screenshots, record surroundings, and more

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Tracking Apps for Android: How do cell phone or tablet spying work?

Anyone who has access to an Android smartphone or tablet, for example, because they know their partner’s PIN, can install spy software there in just a few seconds. Once a surveillance app is set up and active, it collects personal data without the owner’s knowledge thanks to an invisibility mode and sends it to a server.

Subsequently, third parties can use this server to see via a web interface exactly when their target person has been at a certain location and which cell phone functions he or she is using.

The smartphone or tablet owner himself usually cannot detect the surveillance because there is no visible icon for the respective surveillance app. In some cases, the spy apps are also only listed as “device management” so that they are perceived as system-relevant software instead of an additional app if they are accidentally found.

Spy apps can monitor the following, for example:

  • Calendar entries
  • Call logs and web page histories
  • Emails, SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages
  • Skype conversations
  • Image galleries
  • Facebook posts
  • Ambient sounds and conversations
  • GPS data
  • Cell phone camera

Top Android Monitoring Apps

You must be thinking about how to choose the right platform for Android monitoring. The key to choosing the best Android snooping app is the interaction with the service provider. You have to discover if the app you are going to buy offers reasonable refund policies and quick customer support. Obviously, you don’t want to drown in the gloom of mysterious apps.

The above-mentioned apps are leading monitoring solutions. We hope that this article helps you to pick the best Android tracker to fill your cell phone tracking requirements.


What is uMobix?

uMobix is a parental control software designed to monitor the smart devices of children and employees, this software can give us clues of what our child is doing and who is chatting with.

Its design is very intuitive and easy to use, we just have to enter the control panel to start tracking any phone. In addition, as the application is hosted in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Within its control panel, you will find graphs that show us how many times the device has been used or from which numbers they call your child, you will also find all the necessary spy tools to search, investigate, analyze and get information from the phone.

One of the things that have caught our attention is that it works very quickly, unlike other apps that take about 1 hour to collect data, Umobix does it in less than 5 minutes, therefore, we will be able to have the information updated every 5 minutes.

The best thing is that it works in a stealthy way, the Umobix APK incorporates an option that allows you to hide the icon on the mobile and not leave any trace.

Functions of uMobix

Inside the dashboard, we will find all the functions, as well as data and graphs that will be very useful in terms of spying on cell phones remotely.

Calls: Thanks to uMobix you will be able to access the call log, both incoming and outgoing. In addition, you will also find relevant information, such as name, phone number, call duration, date, and start time with which you will be able to know with certainty, the calls made or received by your child.

Phone book: With the help of this spy software you can keep track of the list of contacts that your child has, you can see the name, phone number, status, (i.e. if it has been deleted recently), and the date on which the contact was added.

Message: SMS can be a good way to talk to other people without attracting attention. Umobix offers a function to see the received and sent text messages with which we can see from where it has been sent, the title, description of the message and the date.

Location: Knowing where your kids are becomes a necessity if they usually go far from home with his friends, so we will find a function that will allow us to know the exact location of a cell phone thanks to Google maps. You will also be able to see the (longitude, latitude, accuracy and exact address).

Keylogger: This function will allow us to know what has been written on the phone, no matter where you write it, if you delete the message or not, because the keylogger will record the keystrokes we make on the mobile, so if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is chatting at night with this you will know exactly what you have written.

Social networks: We come to one of the most interesting parts, because who does not use social networks nowadays? With uMobix we will be able to see messages from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, TikTok, Zoom, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Kik and Line.

Photos: With the photo tool, we will be able to see all the images that are on the device, in addition, it will also show us the photos on the Micro SD card. Along with the image, we will see both the file name and the date it was created.

Videos: In this section, we will find all the videos that exist on the mobile, and like the photos, it will also show us the name and the date of creation. The best thing is that we will be able to download the video in case we need it to provide evidence about something in particular.

Browsing history: With this tool, we will know which web pages our child has entered, so we can block access to sites that do not interest us. The data that this function offers us are the name of the web page, URL, date of the last visit, and the times that have been visited.

Bookmarks: This is a function that allows us to see the sites that have been marked as favorites, something that can be very useful to see if our child has a preference for one site or another.

uMobix for Android Devices

uMobix is fully supported on Android tablets and phones with an OS of at least Android 4+. If you want to make sure, you can also double-check your phone’s exact model on their website.

How much do uMobix subscriptions cost?

Like other spy applications, Umobix plans are composed of different prices and memberships that vary according to the time we want to hire it, (monthly, quarterly, and annual). The price of Umobix also varies depending on the tools we want to include.

Among its packages we will find different prices depending on the months and features and the operating system, in this case, the following prices correspond to Android devices.

The basic package costs $29.99 per month and includes 8 premium features. Then we have the premium, which incorporates 41 tools and comes out at $59.99, although, if we hire it for 3 or 12 months, the packages will cost us $33.33 and $14.99 per month.

In short, if we hire a plan with a longer duration we will save a lot of money, but if we are not convinced we will have lost a lot of money.

uMobix Customer Support

As for contact channels, we only found the contact page, the phone number, and a FAQ section. Something we miss is a chat that allows us to solve some frequent problems, so the technical service leaves much to be desired.

However, when we hired uMobix we had a problem with the installation, so we talked to the support and I have to admit that they were not only fast, but also very kind to us.


  • Reliable – no troubleshooting
  • More social media monitoring capabilities than ANY other app
  • Stealth mode so it’s completely hidden
  • Powerful keylogger feature
  • LIVE Phone Support
  • Great for business owner or parent
  • Real-time GPS tracking feature


  • Requires access to target Android device (all Android spy apps require this)

uMobix: Frequently Asked Questions

Umobix is a totally legal parental control program, “as long as it is used for a good purpose”, however, many people use this type of application to spy on their spouse, something that is not a necessary thing.

To comply with the rules in matters of legality and not run any risk, we recommend you to use the spy application only on:

  • On a cell phone you own in order to avoid information theft.
  • If you are going to use it on the cell phone of your child under 18, we recommend that you tell him/her beforehand so that he/she does not mistrust you if he/she discovers the software.
  • You can also use this type of spyware to access the account of a deceased person.
  • If you install it on company computers, it is vitally important to inform employees.

Remember to inform that you are using surveillance software to avoid inconvenience, as I said if your child finds out, he/she may distrust you, and if your employees find out, you may have legal problems.

Can I hide uMobix on the phone?

Yes, it is possible to hide the uMobix icon on the phone by checking the corresponding box.

Do I need to root an Android phone to make it work?

No, and we think this is one of the biggest advantages of uMobix, that you do not need to root the phone for it to work properly.


What is mSpy?

Without exaggeration, mSpy secret Android monitoring app is one of the most popular cell phone spy apps.

Cross-platform compatibility, rich feature set, affordable version of the software for cellphones & Tablets monitoring as well as support make this spy perfect not only for cell phone control but also for full supervision over the target person.

Among the main features of this cell phone spy, we would include: remote installation option (without access to a target cell phone), spying messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, WeChat, KIK, Line & Gmail, cell phone tracking in real-time 24/7, blocking entered pages and phone numbers. This monitoring software is more suitable than others, especially for child and employee monitoring.

Functions of mSpy

mSpy provides read access to the address book, browser, bookmarks as well as browser history, calendar as well as making calls on the device.

  • Control and block calls
  • Read SMS and MMS
  • Read Hangouts
  • Read iMessages
  • Read WhatsApp
  • Read Instagram
  • Read Facebook Messenger
  • Kik read along
  • Read LINE
  • Read Skype
  • Read Snapchat
  • Read Telegram
  • Tinder read
  • Read Viber
  • Read photos and videos
  • Cell phone tracking via GPS
  • Set notifications when leaving a location
  • Read emails
  • View calendar
  • Read contacts
  • View notes
  • Lock web pages
  • Lock applications
  • Keylogger
  • Cell phone information

mSpy for an Android Devices

Requires at least Android 4.0 or higher.

How much do mSpy subscriptions cost?

There are different subscriptions to mSpy. For phones that have been rooted or jailbroken, they range from “Basic” to “Premium”. There’s also a no-jailbreak solution, which has an easier install but offers slightly fewer spying options.

Here are the individual plans and their prices. As you can see, significant cost savings are available when paying quarterly or annually. You can compare the features available in each subscription on the official site.

mSpy Customer Support

As a paying customer, you have access to 24-hour email support (basic plan) or 24-hour email and chat support (premium and non-captive plans). The support team can help you solve any problems you encounter while installing or using the product.

You can expect an email response within 30 minutes. The waiting time in the chat room is much shorter. We have never had to wait more than two minutes for a support representative to respond to our chat requests.


  • You no longer need to jailbreak the smartphone
  • You no longer need Android root access to install the mSpy app.
  • Allows you to locate stolen or lost devices.
  • A free trial version is available.
  • The web-based dashboard is intuitive and straightforward.


  • You can’t record calls, only see current logs.
  • It requires internet capability to send all details to your online dashboard.

mSpy: Frequently Asked Questions

Does mSpy work on Tablets and Pads?

Yes – the software version is based on the operating system. So mSpy for Android will work on any phone or tablet with the Android operating system.
Do I need to root my Android?

That’s not necessarily. Rooting is only required for monitoring social messenger apps such as Snapchat and Instagram etc. Most main features will work without the need to root an Android device.

Can mSpy recover deleted messages and photos?

Not if they were deleted before mSpy was installed. After it is installed, everything is reported.


What is XNSPY?

XNSPY has all the well-known features of this type of apps such as call log monitoring, GPS tracking, web browsing monitoring, chat access, etc. It can even record calls and turn on the cell phone’s microphone remotely. The advantage of XNSPY is that its premium subscription is cheaper and has a standard plan that does not allow you to access so much information, but that may suit you better for its low cost (compared to its competitors). So take a look at it.

Functions of XNSPY

Spy app contains the following range of functions:

  • Record phone calls
  • Viewing all contacts
  • Reading all incoming and sent SMS messages
  • Chats, photos, calls from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc.
  • Reading Gmail messages
  • View calendar entries
  • View photos and videos stored on the smartphone
  • Browser favorites
  • Current location
  • Remotely restore smartphone to factory settings
  • Lock phone
  • Notification when predefined words are entered
  • Remotely take photos with the camera
    and much more

XNSPY for an Android Devices

How much do XNSPY subscriptions cost?

XNSPY does not offer a free, but only an inexpensive test version. The free version of XNSPY costs $59.99/yr.

  • Starter fee: $59.99/Year.

Preliminary information: There are 2 XNSPY packages available for purchase: Basic and Premium.

  • Basic: $29.99/month (monthly), $13.99/month (quarterly $69.99) or $4.99/month (annually $59.99).
  • Premium: $35.99/month (billed monthly), $19.99/month (billed quarterly as $59.99) or $7.49/month (billed annually as $89.99).

Changing your device requires a $10 fee for Android devices and $20 for iOS devices (except if stolen) Please contact XNSPY for more information on pricing.

XNSPY Customer Support

XNSPY’s customer service team is efficient and available 24/7. They are always on hand to help their customers solve any problems they may encounter with the product. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and priority of the entire team, the customer support team is always available to assist customers without delay.

XNSPY offers the following options for customer support:

  • Email/Helpdesk, Knowledge Base, 24/7 Live Support.


  • Relatively small size – doesn’t take up much space
  • Little load on the battery
  • Stealth mode, discrete, requires little RAM
  • Web-based dashboard for functions such as view, read, and control
  • A single online user interface can monitor multiple devices.


  • User cannot remove individual apps
  • User cannot delete specific data
  • User must purchase separate licenses for use on each device.

XNSPY: Frequently Asking Questions

Does Xnspy offer tracking software for Android tablets?

The app can be used for monitoring Android devices and tablets. You can download Xnspy Android spying app on any tablet running Android 4.0 or above.

Does XNSPY work with unrooted Android devices?

Yes, XNSPY works with both rooted and unrooted Android devices. However, there are some exclusive features that only work with rooted Android phone.

Is it possible to hack an Android phone via Xnspy?

Xnspy is not a hacking tool by any means. It’s a monitoring tool that has to be used with the legal consent of the other party.

Why do you need Spy Apps?

Monitoring children: Always know what your loved ones are doing!

To directly take the wind out of the sails of the critics of cell phone spying: There is no better reason to opt for surveillance if you want to keep your own flesh and blood safe. Cybercrime is a huge problem, and it’s becoming more and more confusing. Of course, you should trust your children, but in this dangerous area that many still underestimate, control is actually better. Although there are also critical voices on this subject who sound the alarm about such “helicopter parents”. Many believe that children are more likely to become alienated from adults if they sense that there is no relationship of trust.

Ultimately, it’s up to each parent to decide for themselves. The fact is: spy apps offer every possibility to control the lives of the little ones. It is no longer an issue to browse Instagram pictures, search Facebook friends or locate the cell phone to find out where the son or daughter is at the moment. In particular, the function of blocking contacts or incoming calls gives many parents a sense of relief.

Avoid a breach of trust at all costs

Access to photos and videos may also be helpful. Adolescents are often not yet aware of the consequences of making private photos or moving images available to strangers. After all, nothing is lost on the Internet! Dating apps also offer the temptation to reveal oneself to chat partners. It is important that parents talk to their children about this before installing the monitoring app. Even if they provide the device to their own offspring, it is at least morally reprehensible to act without the knowledge of the cell phone user. Create a relationship of trust and convince your child that the tracking function, for example, can save lives under certain circumstances.

Monitoring the partner: spy apps are the fidelity testers of today

This example illustrates impressively that times have changed. In the past, jealous wives or husbands hired fidelity testers or private detectives to finally get certainty about their partner’s behavior. These fidelity testers should start thinking about retraining in view of the spy app boom. Today, spying on one’s partner is not a problem at all. Just install the monitoring app on the other device, and you’re in the picture. However, the legal (and also moral) situation here is even more sensitive to deal with than it is with children.

Collecting evidence and saving the relationship?

Nevertheless, there are of course good reasons why you could decide on surveillance. If you suspect cheating, you should gather as much evidence as possible.Nothing is more embarrassing than being wrong and making unjustified accusations against your partner. Sooner or later, this will lead to the end of the relationship anyway and to an absolute loss of trust. Moreover, there are situations in life when you start clinging for no real reason, which is likely to be just as damaging to living together. If you inquire about the person after every call on the other person’s cell phone, you will eventually get into trouble. With the help of the monitoring app, you will stay cool as you will get insight anyway.

At this point, it should be said that we do not want to encourage you to monitor your loved one without permission. In any relationship, without trust, love is doomed to fail anyway. It would be much nicer and more honest to buy community cell phones, to trust each other, and to use the functions that really only serve the security of your favorite person. And should abuse of trust be uncovered in the process, it’s ultimately the other person’s own fault.

Employee monitoring: Protect your company!

How much trust do you give your employees? This is a question that every business owner has probably asked himself at some point. So why not take advantage of today’s technical possibilities to protect your company and run it more successfully? There are two aspects to consider here. On the one hand, it is necessary to assess what the respective employee is actually doing during working hours. This is becoming increasingly difficult to control in our computer age. Of course, it would be feasible to store locks in the respective browser, but these precautionary measures could also lead to loss of time in important situations. So it is better to play with open cards and inform the employees before signing the contract that there is an option of some monitoring. If an employee is chatting for hours instead of doing his job, it can be quite a losing proposition for a boss.

The situation is even worse with regard to the possible disclosure of company secrets. Here, the consequences may be much more lasting, and the damage to a company’s reputation could even ruin it completely. An employer, therefore, has the chance to spy on both the PC and (if available) the company cell phone with the help of a spy app. In the worst case, an employee may even carry out criminal activities at his workplace, which should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The difference between child and partner monitoring

Compared to child and partner monitoring, there are usually other features that are likely to be of concern to an employer. Automatic screen recording is useful for tracking what the employee is doing during working hours. Keyloggers can also be beneficial to know what the colleague is looking for, whether he sends private emails and how much time he spends on messengers.

But there is one thing you should take to heart: Be fair and inform your employee in advance about the possibility of monitoring.

How do I know if my cell phone is being tracked?

The following indicators may indicate unwanted application activity on your phone:

  • Battery consumption and/or cell phone bill is unexpectedly high
  • A high data rate indicates that a lot of information has been sent.
  • The smartphone takes a long time to turn off and is warm even in standby mode.
  • The screen can no longer be turned off, or it activates without any action on the part of the user.
  • Strange text messages and unexplained error messages indicate broken tools.

Where are smartphone monitoring apps hidden on the phone?

To determine if the unusual indications are really for the presence of a spyware app, suspicious cell phone owners can do several things. Do the following:

  • Check all apps and look closely to see if any new ones have been added.
  • Check any existing folder and file names to see if they seem suspicious and B. have a meaningless name such as “Update” or “Monitor”.
  • Make sure that the administrator rights have been extended by a third party via rooting. A sure sign of this is, for example, the presence of the SuperSU app.
  • Check the data usage of the smartphone.

How can I remove spying apps from my Android smartphone?

To fix unwanted spyware tools on your Android smartphone, you need to remove all suspicious processes and applications and use an antivirus or security app. Extremely well-masked applications can sometimes be made harmless only if you reset the entire smartphone to factory settings.

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