[eBook] Your First 90 Days as MSSP: 10 Steps to Success

[eBook] Your First 90 Days as MSSP: 10 Steps to Success News

Bad actors are constantly evolving their strategies and becoming more sophisticated. Within the past couple of years, we’ve seen supply chain attacks that quickly create widespread damage throughout entire industries. The attackers don’t only focus on supply chain attacks.

For example, businesses are becoming increasingly more reliant on SaaS apps and the cloud – creating a new avenue for attackers to steal critical data and assets.

The looming threat from ransomware, phishing scams and destructive BEC campaigns leaves businesses asking: How can I increase my security?

Many managed service providers (MSPs) have questions regarding the security level they provide to their clients. In this new environment, MSPs are finding they can no longer avoid offering cybersecurity services.

Fortunately, there’s an ebook available for MSPs looking to expand into security as managed service providers (MSSPs).

It’s vital for MSPs to have a clear strategy as they become an MSSP to ensure that they continue to grow and succeed in offering their customers enhanced security. And the first 90 days in the new role are among the most important.

But where do they start?

10 steps for new MSSPs

This eBook explains how MSPs entering the MSSP market should spend their first 90 days. This eBook empowers MSSPs entering the MSSP market to take confident steps while managing competing priorities and unexpected obstacles.

Your First 90 Days as MSSP: 10 Steps to Success covers:

  • The many facets and technologies of the security sector.
  • The various cyber security services models that are available.
  • How to assess your own capabilities.
  • How to determine the best security service to launch.
  • Tips on how to select potential partners.
  • What to think about as you build a workable strategy for MSSP success.

You can learn more and discover the 10 step here.

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