Spy app for iPhone: Best tracking apps for iPhone


Nowadays, users store more and more information on their iPhones. Not only call logs and messages but also photo libraries and social media apps hold many secrets. If you want to access someone else’s iPhone, paid monitoring apps are the best choice. We present the best five of these spy apps for iPhone here.


Why do you need a spy app for iPhones?

There are many reasons for using a spy app on iPhones. The most common one is monitoring:

  • Partners
  • Children
  • Elderly family members
  • Employees

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, spy apps on their iPhone give you access to emails, contacts, call logs, and message histories.

This is also handy for parents who are rightly concerned about their children’s safety online. With iPhone monitoring apps, they can view browsing histories, block websites, and always locate the iPhone via GPS. This way, parents can find out if the kids are being bullied at school, causing trouble themselves, sneaking out of the house, or socializing with strangers on the Internet.

Some iPhone spy apps even allow you to record environmental sounds or trigger the camera regardless of location. This allows you to easily and quickly check if elderly or needy family members are doing well.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be about spying. Surveillance apps for iPhone are also suitable for recovering deleted data, monitoring employees and workers in the field and their whereabouts, or simply satisfying your curiosity.

A brief review of iPhone tracking apps

uMobix review
  • Full access to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp.
  • Track Calls, Text Messages, Contacts, and much more.
  • Compatible with all iPhones and iPads.

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MSPY review
  • WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps.
  • Calls, text messages, GPS tracking, and 25 more features.
  • Compatible with iOS 7 - 14.

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XNSPY review
  • Remotely spy iMessage, and other IM apps.
  • Track GPS location and location history on all iOS devices, even on the older iPhones.
  • No need to keep your eyes on the watch, Xnspy alerts you whenever a new iCloud backup is processed.

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How to monitor iPhones without spy apps?

Nowadays, many instructions for free cell phone monitoring and control can be found on the Internet.

For example, WhatsApp messages can be received on other devices after a QR code scan and dangerous websites can be blocked via the iPhone’s settings. However, these measures are verifiable and easily reversed.

Free spy apps for the iPhone go one step further. However, since the programming of such applications is very complex nowadays, these free spy apps are often full of advertisements or dangerous viruses and are also often buggy.

The only way to safely monitor the iPhones of your partners, children, or employees is therefore still paid spy software.

Why are monitoring apps for iPhone worthwhile?

Paid applications are not only more secure, but usually also more user-friendly and easier to use.

  • First, the installation is done secretly and without any contact with an iPhone or by accessing it with the respective iCloud login data.
  • After that, these spy apps have access to all sorts of phone data, which is well worth the price of complicated programming and development.
  • Additionally, this information is stored on a secure server provided by the developer and is thus only accessible to the buyer.
  • Standard functions such as viewing messages, emails, call logs, location, and media libraries are then available via apps or browsers.
  • More expensive spy apps even alert the user about the receipt of special calls, the typing of predefined keywords, or, thanks to geofencing, the entering of a certain area.

After installation, paid programs, unlike free spy apps, are no longer visible on the smartphone and are usually only noticeable by shorter battery life. Thus, monitoring, control, and even remote control of the iPhones of their children, partners, employees, and family are possible regardless of the location and even over long distances.

What are the best spy apps for iPhone?

We have tested the following iPhone spy apps and created detailed reviews about them. Now it’s easier to choose the best app for your iPhone.


What is uMobix?

uMobix is one of the few mobile spyware that gives you access to Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You can use it to log into someone’s Facebook and Instagram, click any button there, which means managing accounts, changing settings, adding friends, or deleting followers.

uMobix is the only app that works great on both iOS and Android. So, you can seamlessly install it and keep track of it without error. uMobix does not require you to jailbreak iOS devices, unlike many other competitors. You just provide your iCloud ID and password and start monitoring as soon as the backup is done.

The app provides absolutely innovative features such as an online status indicator (tracking when the user is online), real-time reports for Android, YouTube monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.

To use uMobix on your iPhone, you must have iCloud user credentials (email address and password). If the user has two-factor authentication enabled, they may also need access to the phone to get the code sent by Apple. This is a case that is found in all spyware applications on the market.

uMobix Main Features

  • View call logs: Check call logs in chronological order, including call duration, timestamps, and contact names along with their phone numbers. You can also view the status of calls, such as outgoing, incoming, rejected, or missed.
  • View messages: View messages received, sent, and deleted, including sender and recipient names, chat history, and text messages.
  • GPS location: View your phone’s location with time stamps and location history. You can also see geographic coordinates along with addresses.
  • Bookmarks and Browser History: You can view visited websites and saved bookmarks from your device’s web browser.
  • Much more: You will also be able to see received, deleted, and sent WhatsApp messages, including group and private chats, as well as their timestamps. View personal messages received and sent on Instagram with their timestamps and other important data such as contacts. You can also view videos and photos stored on your target device.

Installing and configuring uMobix on iPhone devices – Without jailbreak

Like few of its competitors, uMobix offers the option to install its software on a jailbroken iPhone handset by doing the process from the user’s iCloud account, implying that it is possible to install the spyware remotely.

All you need are the iCloud account credentials of the target device, i.e. email and password.

First, it is essential that the iCloud backup option is enabled. Secondly, you must take into account the 2-factor authentication settings, which, by the time of installation, must be disabled.

With Apple’s recent updates, the latter is becoming increasingly tricky, so a good alternative would be to have physical access to the iPhone for just a few seconds, so you can get the OTP (one-time-password) number and finish logging into the iCloud account from your computer.

Once this hurdle is overcome, you can continue with the installation instructions on iPhone without jailbreak, and from your control panel, you will be able to view details such as contacts, notes, photos, videos, and all files synced with the iCloud account.

Installing and configuring uMobix on iPhone devices – With jailbreak

One of the peculiarities of uMobix is that they do not have a version available for jailbroken iPhone phones. The reason behind this is that thanks to persistent iOS updates, Apple has managed to make the jailbreak process extremely complex and constantly changing.

By the time someone finds a way to jailbreak an iPhone with a certain iOS version, the company already has one, two, and even three new updates focused on plugging these kinds of loopholes.

For the reason specified above, uMobix has decided to stick to offering their best service for unjailbroken iPhones, though we still have to wait in case they manage to come up with an update.

uMobix technical service

One of the advantages that uMobix has over other cell phone monitoring software is the effectiveness of its customer service. While it is only available via live chat on their site, it was astounding how quickly we were able to get in touch with a technician after answering a few questions to filter out the type of help I needed.

The uMobix customer service staff is really capable of answering the simplest or the most technical questions and, unlike other software we have tested, the immediacy of the response was simply impressive.

Additionally, the software’s refund policy is extremely transparent: if you encounter any mishap or failure in the package you purchased and during the first 14 days of use the technical team has not been able to solve the problem, you are eligible for a full refund. Other spy apps tend to be quite shady and misleading on this point, but uMobix turned out to be quite flexible.

uMobix pricing

uMobix offers its users basic and comprehensive subscription plans. They have the following pricing:

The Full plan offers more features than other competing Premium plans, and you’ll save a few dollars a month if you pay monthly. You can save even more by paying for all 12 months at once for a total of $139.99. Without a doubt, a competitor’s Premium plan will cost you more.


  • One of the best customer support services.
  • Great reviews from users who have purchased the spy tool.
  • Incredible value for money.
  • Numerous functions for monitoring employees and children.
  • Collects data almost instantly.


  • Claims to show browser bookmarks but doesn’t actually do so.

uMobix: Frequently asked questions about the software

UMobix is spy software for commercial use that is completely legitimate. However, the conditions under which the user makes use of the application will determine whether the user is acting within the margins of the law. In order to use uMobix (and any other spyware) without it representing a cybercrime punishable by law, it is vital to comply with these conditions:

  • The device to be spied on belongs to your minor child.
  • You are the legal owner of the target device.
  • If installed on your company’s equipment, you have notified employees about the embedded surveillance software.

If none of the above, you have informed the other person about the presence of the software on their cell phone.

Is it possible to install uMobix without having physical access to the device?

If it is an iPhone mobile, it is enough to have the iCloud account credentials to synchronize the software with all the files backed up in the account.

Can I spy on more than one device at a time with uMobix?

In the case of uMobix, a single subscription works on only one device. It is not possible to use the same subscription on several devices simultaneously. But, at the same time, uMobix offers the possibility of changing devices in an unlimited way with the same subscription. However, you will have to run the installation process each time you change devices.


What is mSpy?

MSPY is one of the most famous iPhone spy apps on the market and offers the best price-performance ratio. The app can also be used without hacking. Then you can also lock and view apps, read messengers, and set up keyword and geo-fence alerts that are triggered when the iPhone is in a certain area. And much more – mSpy offers more than 30 monitoring features.

mSpy Main Features

With this tool, you will be able to have access to practically all the data and functions of your cell phone through a control panel, to which only you will have access. Among other things, you will be able to:

  • Spy WhatsApp: read WhatsApp messages, including images, audio, videos, and call history.
  • Track GPS location.
  • Read text and Facebook messages.
  • Access mobile web history.
  • Access Snapchat account.
  • Block access to applications.
  • View all multimedia files on the device, such as images and videos.
  • Listen to phone calls and know who they are with.
  • View the calendar.

Do not forget that in order to use all these functions, it is vital to have an internet connection, otherwise, the application will not be able to send you all the information obtained. In case the connection is cut, the software will continue collecting the information, but it needs to have at least 10 minutes of stable connection daily to be able to send the data.

Installing and configuring mSpy on a non-jailbroken iPhone

Apple’s new security measures imposed in the latest update of its operating system make it a little difficult to install spyware on your devices, although it is not impossible, you will simply have to dig a little deeper.

Does mSpy really work on non-jailbroken devices?

With the release of iOS 10 in late 2019, Apple removed the option to disable two-factor authentication from its devices. The function of this setting is to ensure that whoever wants to access an iCloud account is the same person who has physical access to the device since it is not enough to know the username and password, but a unique code must also be entered that is sent directly to one of the devices with a link to that account.

Being able to disable this option was what allowed mSpy to be installed without major complications, although, although they are working on an option to circumvent this obstacle provided by Apple, one of their suggestions is to create a new iCloud ID for the device you want to spy on and have the user use that account from now on, a valid option in case you want to monitor your younger children, but complicated when you want to monitor the activity of older or more independent users.

Once you get around these problems, follow these steps to install mSpy on your iOS device. Remember that, if you do not have a jailbroken device, you will only be able to enjoy the most basic functions of mSpy.

  • Log in to the mSpy control panel.
  • Select the installation process for the device, and follow the system instructions.
  • Check that the iPhone’s iCloud backup feature is enabled. To do this, go into the settings menu of the target device and verify that the “iCloud Backup” option is turned on.
  • Then choose the “Backup” option and click on the “Backup Now” button to sync the device with your mSpy account dashboard.

Installing and configuring mSpy on a jailbroken iPhone

In case you want to have the full functionality of the monitoring software, including monitoring of messaging apps and remote management of different layers of the device, then you will have to jailbreak the phone’s operating system.

The neologism jailbreak is equivalent to the word “rooting”, but in the iOS environment. Each version of this operating system has its particular twist to unlock the device and be able to have administrator privileges.

Towards the end of last year, there were already published different guides on how to perform a jailbreak process on iOS 13, and if the version that is installed on the target device is earlier, you will have no problem finding a quick solution on the web.

With the iPhone already jailbroken, you will only have to follow the installation steps in the control panel of your mSpy account. And, in case you and technology don’t get along, so jailbreaking the device you want to monitor is impossible for you, you can request this service from the mSpy team for a small additional fee.

mSpy prices

mSpy Pricing

The mSpy application comes in different packages. For one month, it costs $29.99 and for three months, it costs $59.99 or $99.99 billed annually.

The mSpy Premium package has three pricing tiers:

  • $69.99- per month
  • $119.99 – every three months
  • $199.99 – annually

Then comes the ‘Family Kit Plans’, which allows you to monitor 3 devices. For family plans, it starts at $359.99 for 6 months and $479.99 for 12 months.

mSpy Customer Support

When you are already making full use of the monitoring software, and you are at a key moment in your situation, whether you are watching your children, confirming a suspicion you have about your spouse, or monitoring the productivity of your employees during work hours, the last thing you want is to get stuck with a question about how well mSpy is working.

That’s where mSpy’s customer support team comes in:

  • The basic software package includes email support any time or day of the week, with an estimated response time of around half an hour.
  • The premium and “no jailbreak” packages include support via email, chat, and the estimated response time in the chat is a couple of minutes at most.

It is worth noting that mSpy’s customer support team is friendly and responsive. I personally had difficulties configuring the geolocation settings when I was testing this Android cell phone monitoring software, and a support person answered all my questions in a short chat session.


  • Consistent performance and no server downtime.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Includes an activity meter to track mobile device usage time.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Undetectable to the user of the phone being spied on.
  • Tools that offer greater parental control, such as blocking calls or web pages.
  • Geolocation feature that generates alerts related to the smartphone’s location in real-time.
  • Ability to monitor different devices simultaneously.
  • Attentive and responsive customer support team.


  • Absence of features that many users may consider vital in a spying program, such as recording calls or ambient sound, as well as the ability to take pictures incognito.

mSpy: Frequently asked questions about the application

There are common doubts that arise in the minds of customers when selecting a spy software, and among the main ones stand out:

Yes, it is. In order not to break the law, you must be the owner of the device to be monitored. And if it is a corporate smartphone, you must notify your employee that the phone has a surveillance application installed on it.

Is it safe to install mSpy on any device?

If you confirmed the compatibility of the smartphone to be monitored on the mSpy website, there is no risk for you to worry about.

Is it possible to spy on several devices at the same time with mSpy?

Yes, it is completely possible. But the only catch at this point is that each subscription covers one device, so you will have to purchase the number of subscriptions equivalent to the devices you want to monitor.


What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is an application that allows you to remotely access a significant amount of data on your device. With their own surveillance reasons, anyone can use this app to spy on anyone they want. But the question is what differentiates this app from others and on what operating system it runs. Let’s discuss this app, in general, to understand it better.

XNSPY Main Features

XNSPY’s resourcefulness is really impressive, and even more so when you consider the ease of use that the spy application offers to those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy. Let’s take a closer look at the most important tools of this commercial spyware:

  • Control over messaging apps: full monitoring of the native software of the spied mobile, as well as the proper names of this niche of apps, such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage Chats, Viber, Line, Tinder, Skype, Instagram, and WhatsApp. All messages and multimedia files shared via these apps are within XNSPY’s reach.
  • GPS Geolocation: like much other monitoring software, XNSPY offers a tool to locate the device in real-time using GPS geolocation, which also allows establishing a map of visited places and the generation of alerts in case of crossing barriers previously established by the person who is managing the spyware.
  • Monitoring email and online activity: this spy application can also access the records of emails sent and received from the target smartphone, both from the native software and from Gmail. And it also allows accessing browser history, generating alerts with certain words in searches, and monitoring bookmarks.
  • Remote control of the monitored device: a handy feature that allows you to control the smartphone remotely, with the possibility to lock the device or certain applications, change configuration settings or completely erase the information stored in the system.
  • Keylogger tool: one of the most lauded features by XNSPY customers, which allows you to configure certain keywords to receive alerts or notifications every time they are typed from the device being monitored, regardless of whether they are typed in a message, email, web browser or any other way.
  • Full access to the audiovisual content of the target smartphone: no matter if the photos or videos are stored on the mobile, or if the multimedia content was accessed via streaming, all these resources will be at your disposal thanks to XNSPY.
  • Calendar and contact list reports: every new entry in the cell phone’s calendar, as well as every new contact added to the device’s memory, are also available to this spy application.
  • Call recording and ambient sound: in terms of audio recording, this spy application goes a step further and offers both the recording of incoming and outgoing calls, as well as the recording of the sound of the environment in which the target cell phone is located, all through the device’s built-in microphone.

XNSPY Pricing

This spy application offers its basic plan for a cost of $29.99. However, for monitoring cases that are going to be extended over time, it is best to get one of its offers, which allows you to pay quarterly for a cost of $13.99 per month, or in the annual mode with a cost that drops to $4.99 per month.

While the monthly fee for the premium version (which has the full set of monitoring tools offered by XNSPY) costs $35.99, with the possibility of the same offers applied to the latter price in its quarterly or annual payment modes.

XNSPY Compatibility

The XNSPY app is compatible with all iOS mobile devices such as the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. It is important that you know that it is not necessary to jailbreak iOS devices.

Customer Support

The XNSPY app provides user support and customer service 24 hours a day, every day of the week, via online chat.


  • One of the cheapest annual subscriptions on the market ($4.99 per month if you opt for the full-year plan).
  • A robust and complete set of monitoring tools, ranging from basic functionalities such as message monitoring or GPS geolocation to more advanced features such as ambient sound recording or remote control of the target cell phone.
  • Spyware is compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android.
  • Ability to install the most basic functions without the need to access administrator privileges on the smartphone to spy on.
  • Support for monitoring interactions on today’s most popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Skype, among many others.
  • Possibility to test the monitoring software through a demo version.


  • In case of requesting a refund, you will only be able to receive back part of your investment.
  • Customer service responses can take longer than expected for this type of service, even with 24/7 chat support.

XNSPY: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download XNSPY for free?

No, it is a paid spy application and currently has not released any beta version that is free to use. If we wish to purchase the software, we must go to the “Pricing and Subscriptions” section to choose the package that best suits our needs.

Is XNSPY secure?

The app is 100% secure. Its messages are highly encrypted, so we are guaranteed that only we can access the control panel and view the information of the target device. In addition, the spyware is totally invisible and undetectable thanks to a powerful function that blocks antivirus and prevents them from detecting the spyware.

Using XNSPY is completely legal for parental control of your children under 18. However, it is illegal if you intend to use this software to spy on your partner, friend, or neighbor without the person’s express consent.

How many devices can I spy on per license?

The application only allows one device per license.

How to know if your iPhone is hacked

Checking the battery consumption

One of the first parameters that we suggest you check if your iPhone has been hacked is to check the battery consumption. This is because, if the device is remotely controlled by a malicious party, some operations are performed in the background that consumes power.That said, simply open the Settings by iOS by tapping on the gear on the home screen and tap on Battery. Through the proposed screen, you will have the possibility to specifically check the consumption of the last 24 hours or the last 10 days. In the section Battery usage by application, you will find a list of applications that consume more battery as well as a percentage next to them. Alternatively, by clicking on the Show activities, you will find the total minutes of use of each application.

Battery Usage

How to tell if your iPhone is hacked by checking RAM and processor usage.

In case you experience a sudden drop in performance or excessive heat production, you can check a hack. of your Apple phone by taking advantage of the Time of Use functionality. For the uninitiated, this is a feature introduced by Apple that allows you to monitor the usage time of an iDevice: the most used applications, the number of screen activations, the number of notifications received, and more.

Open the Settings as read above and click on Usage Time. At this point, click on View all activities (as per the devices section) to access the complete list of used applications. In particular, you can filter your search by week or day by clicking on the corresponding tab.

Within the Most used section, by clicking on Show more, you can discover all the most used applications. Each application name is flanked by the total hours or minutes of use. You can also filter the list by category by clicking on the Show categories button.

Usage time

Checking the call log. One of the most popular hacking methods used by malicious hackers is dialing toll numbers to subtract the remaining credit from the SIM. In this case, it is enough to open the iPhone distributor and check the list of the last calls made through the To-do card. This is why we suggest you never give access to calls to software that does not need to make them function properly.

Other solutions

In addition to the indications provided in the last lines, we also suggest you take into account the following tips to prevent any intrusion:

  • Block pop-up windows in the browser.
  • Check your data network usage.
  • Disable any paid services.
  • Check your iCloud access.
  • Use known VPN services only if you need them.
  • Check that there are no spy apps installed.
  • Check the certificates and profiles installed on the iPhone via Settings.


Can I use iPhone spy apps without Jailbreaking?

Of course, you can. There are plenty of iPhone spy apps that have specialized spying versions without the need for jailbreaking. What’s more, with iPhones, you can access the target’s iCloud storage without jailbreaking your phone.

However, note that jailbroken iPhones have more features compared to non-jailbroken iPhone spy apps.

Can I spy on my iPhone without a device?

The good news: Yes, in fact, all iPhones are backed up by Apple’s iCloud service. Being cloud storage, phones can access it without having to hack your iPhone. However, you must know iCloud login details – username and password.

Can you spy on your Android phone from your iPhone?

Yes. No matter what kind of phone you have, it’s important that the target phone is an iPhone.

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