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Best Embedded Execution

Sponsored by: Honeywell

Challenge Description

The best demonstration of an embedded execution that is demonstrated during the weekend at Hack Arizona will be the winner. First, second, and third prizes will be awarded. All winners of this award will be provided a coding challenge from HON for a possible interview in addition to their placed prize.

Challenge Details

Embedded code is software that runs on anything not typically thought of as a computer. For example, airplanes, robots, drones, cars, and Arduinos. Things that would not be considered embedded code for this particular category are raspberry pies, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. In other words, if it has more or equal processing power than a smartwatch it will not count.

Judging Criteria

polish – level of finesse of the end product, smooth operations, no obvious bugs. originality – Uniqueness of end product. Problem Applicability – Does the end product address the problem, and does it provide a solution. Technical Complexity – Is the product sophisticated and does it demonstrate technical excellence.

Juding Point System:

Polish: /5

Originality: /5

Problem Applicability: /5

Technical Complexity: /5

Wow Factor: /5 – can only supplement lost points from the above category.


  • 1st - printer, filament, HON coding challenge
  • 2nd - arduino kit + HON coding challenge
  • 3rd HON coding challenge
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