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The Hack Arizona Best Fleet Tracking App with Google Home Integration

Sponsored by: Modular Mining

Challenge Description

The best Fleet Tracking App (GPS + Additional Vehicle Info) with creative/original Google Home Integration will be our winner!

Challenge Details

A Public REST API will be provided to the audience so the teams can get live location and additional info from a fleet of mining trucks and other equipment. Additional tracking of mobile devices (phones) is highly encouraged. Historical information is valuable! Future feature list is important! 5 google home mini devices will be available during the workshop for the teams to test integration with their Apps.

Judging Criteria

polish – level of finesse of the end product, smooth operations, no obvious bugs. originality – Uniqueness of end product. Problem Applicability – Does the end product address the problem, and does it provide a solution. Technical Complexity – Is the product sophisticated and does it demonstrate technical excellence.

Juding Criteria

Best original/creative feature set, best Google Home conversation flow. Mining related apps will be preferred. Additional sensors other than GPS are a plus (inclinometer, temperature, etc.)


$1,000 per team member

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