QNAP Urges Users to Update NAS Devices to Prevent Deadbolt Ransomware Attacks

QNAP exhorte les utilisateurs à mettre à jour les périphériques NAS pour empêcher les attaques de Deadbolt Ransomware News

Taiwanese network-attached storage (NAS) devices maker QNAP on Thursday warned its customers of a fresh wave of DeadBolt ransomware attacks.

The intrusions are said to have targeted TS-x51 series and TS-x53 series appliances running on QTS 4.3. 6 and QTS 4.4. 1, according to its product security incident response team.

“QNAP urges all NAS users to check and update QTS to the latest version as soon as possible, and avoid exposing their NAS to the internet,” QNAP said in an advisory.

This is the third attack by DeadBolt ransomware on QNAP devices since January.

In late January, as many as 4,988 DeadBolt-infected QNAP devices were identified, prompting the company to release a forced firmware update. A second uptick in new infections was observed in mid-March.

DeadBolt Attacks are also noteworthy for their alleged use of zero-day vulnerabilities in software to gain remote access to the system and encrypt it.

According to a new report published by Group-IB, exploitation of security vulnerabilities in public-facing applications emerged as the third most used vector to gain initial access, accounting for 21% of all ransomware attacks investigated by the firm in 2021.

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