The Ukrainian government accuses Russia of recent cyberattacks

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The government of Ukraine has accused Russia of orchestrating the attack on websites of government agencies and public institutions this week.

“All the evidence points to the fact that Russia is behind the cyber attack,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation said in a statement. “Moscow is still engaged in a hybrid warfare and actively building its cyberspace and information forces. “

The purpose of the attack, said the ministry, “is not only to intimidate society,” but to also “destabilize the situation in Ukraine by stopping the work of the public sector and undermining the confidence in the government on the part of Ukrainians. “

Russia, however, has denied it was behind the intrusion. “We have nothing to do with it, and Russia has nothing to do with these cyberattacks,” Dmitry Peskov, press secretary for President Vladimir Putin, told CNN, adding “We are nearly accustomed to the fact that Ukrainians are blaming everything on Russia, even their bad weather. “

The disclosure comes as scores of Ukrainian government websites were vandalized on Friday with an ominous message threatening its citizens to “be afraid and expect the worst” and alleging their personal information had been hacked.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the attackers gained access to some of the websites managed by a private firm.

Microsoft warned that ransomware disguised as data-wiping malware could be used to attack multiple Ukrainian organizations. The company, which is calling this new malware family WhisperGate, attributed it to a threat cluster it’s tracking as DEV-0586.

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