Webinar: How can you see more, but respond less with enhanced threat visibility?

Seminario web: Cómo ver más, pero responder menos con visibilidad de amenazas mejorada News

The subject of threat visibility is a recurring one in cybersecurity. It is difficult to see all of the potential threats constantly bombarding a company due to an ever-growing attack surface, such as remote work transformations, cloud computing, and SaaS computing. For small and medium-sized businesses with smaller security budgets, lean IT security departments, this is especially true.

A webinar (register ) will help security professionals understand the complexities of this problem. Although it may seem logical to add security solutions to hide blind spots, this webinar will show that more alarms and noise can be caused by such solutions. While this approach might be workable for large security teams, smaller teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle an increase in alerts.

Instead, organizations need broad threat visibility to cover the current blind spots, but then needs the ability to combine, rank and filter alarms by importance. Security teams will be able to know more and respond faster, which is an inversion of current circumstances.

The Three Keys for Threat Visibility

The three requirements for achieving maximizing visibility are:

Implementing Specific Security Technologies

While more technologies may seem better, the key is choosing the right set of technologies that cover the most important parts of the IT environment. The technologies include NGAV, EDR, NDR, UBA, Deception, SIEM, SOAR.

Integrate Everything for a 360 Degree View

Implementing these technologies as standalone components will only lead to missed threats, alert overload and visibility gaps. To integrate multiple sources of telemetry into one platform, look to XDR technologies.

Automate Response Actions to Improve Reflexes

With improved threat visibility and accuracy, IT security teams – and especially lean teams – need to react quickly to thwart identified threats. Automation improves both speed and scale more than an army of security pros could-so long as it is integrated within the XDR.

Digging Deeper

Unfortunately, many companies are not able to see threats clearly today. This is especially true for SMEs. The fault is not with the SME’s lean security teams, but with the dearth of affordable, well-designed vendor offerings to provide this necessary capability. Cynet’s webinar will explore the new XDR technology and show how it can help to close the visibility gap quickly, effectively, and affordably.

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