[Webinar] When More Is Not Better: Solving Alert Overload

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The increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks have naturally led many companies to invest in additional cybersecurity technologies. We know that expanded threat detection capabilities are necessary for protection, but they have also led to several unintended consequences. The “more is not always better” adage fits this situation perfectly.

. A webinar hosted by Cynet ( register here ) will shed light on alert overload. This is the consequence of having too many alerts. Cynet explains how alert overload can cause cybersecurity team stress, strain and even degrade cybersecurity effectiveness. Then Cynet will talk about the way out – something important to almost every company suffering from alert overload.

The Real Impact of Alert Overload

It’s quite interesting to note that threat alerts which are vital for protection, have become an obstacle. Cynet lists two reasons for this. The first is that companies have been subject to more real threats over the last dozen years. Second, security monitoring tools are very sensitive to anomalies, and often mistake legitimate actions for malicious ones.

Many security teams continuously face far more alerts than they can ever hope to handle. But, the security teams understand that missing dangerous alerts can lead to a cybersecurity disaster. This puts tremendous stress on cybersecurity professional who are tasked with a responsibility they cannot fulfill.

The Way Out

Cynet indicates two options for fixing the alert overload dilemma: outsourcing and technology. The Cynet webinar first discusses outsourcing to a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider that is tasked with monitoring, investigating, and responding to alerts is way to tap into a highly scalable resource than can remove the stress-intensive workloads from the security team. Cynet then discusses technology options that must be used regardless of whether outsourcing is made.

From a technological perspective, Cynet illustrates how businesses can make alerts more precise, which in turn reduces the amount of notifications that need to be dealt with. Cynet also demonstrates how automated response technology can reduce the amount of manual labor involved in alert investigation and resolution. This webinar explains the technologies you can use to automate your response even for small security teams that have limited bandwidth and budgets.

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